The Frost EP

by Nic Niggemeyer

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Every year I spend in California, the winters seem to get colder... even though there isn't more than a slight change in temperature. Here's to those I wrote of, and write for.


released January 15, 2013

Nic Niggemeyer




Nic Niggemeyer Stockton, California

Nic would like you to think about the horizon for a bit, and maybe the first last-person-you-cared-for, and maybe how they're a lot of like. Stuck in Mudville, he'll send his thoughts out, in hopes that someone will hear them, and feel the same... because that's a conversation, and he likes those. Enjoy... and feel. ... more

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Track Name: Muted Trouble
(Verse 1)

Trouble, it lives in my house like an unwanted guest
And I know it won't leave
Trouble, it opens its mouth and won't hear my requests
This is beyond belief
And I know that I sure won't win this one today
And I'm scare that it's gonna be staying that way


So hold me close, I'm cold, my dear
See these hands, they shake with fear
The myrtle in the tree, the flocks of geese in V's
Darling, tell me what you saw, as I'm waiting for my words to thaw
The deadly silence in my bones
Leases all my words in muted tones
I'm a mute and I'm try to sing to you tonight

(Verse 2)

Lover, we cry in the dark, and though I'm holding tight
Sometimes I think I'll sink
Darling, your bewildered heart still can't tell if it's right
You don't know what to think
But I'll sail with your soul to see what's gonna happen
If we sink, then I'll sink in your arms like your Captain

Track Name: The Angelmaker
(Verse 1)

I met a Madman today; cuz he can see life as it is, and what it could bring
He took a shoelace and he spun it, and twirled it; A Cyclone of Fire, tied into a ring
He saw Angels skywriting, and Gargoyles leering, and told us all what he could see
I met a man 'took a goose egg and made hisself an Angel with wings you'd need a telescope to see


Today, I met the mad man that one day, I know I'll become
With a slate-grey beard I'll be twirling, 'twixt my forefinger and my thumb
To be perfectly honest, I see all those things too
And if I had a goose egg, I'd make an Angel for you
I'd be the Angelmaker, making this cold world so new

(Verse 2)

His eyes were unfocused and grey; a shaman, the last who'd heard Lady Death a'singin'
In a city of scores of thousands, with its tastes in the air, he filled the trolley with the words he was spinnin'
A prophet cursed to prophesy, and no one would hear, but would turn to be truth after all
We laughed and we joked with the Madman, as he spoke, but I'm no longer quite sure he was so mad at all

Track Name: Life in a Sand-Dune
(Verse 1)

I'm in the middle of the Sahara dancing in the bones of a whale
The sand it shifts in formless drifts and the wind is starting to wail
I'm a Naiad stuck on a dune; there's a sandstorm over the ridge
And I look for shade but I'm too dry, my fins can barely twitch


And it's something less than real, because I know
Just how I'm supposed to feel but I don't understand
All the oceans I've known become sand
I'm a fish on dry land

(Verse 2)

Don't you ask me just how I got here, though I've been here too much before
It's a purgatory built in dust, I'm too done to ask for anything more
It's a lonely life in a sand dune; for a drop you'd trade the last of your cash
I've heard tell of a place in a liquid space where you can land yourself with a splash

Track Name: California Winters
(Verse 1)

I'm standing on the bridge tonight, and I don't feel so good
I'm thinking that I've lost my mind; I hope it's gone for good
And I know... that I'm not well; but that's all right
And I'm... someone else tonight; and I'm flailing with all my might
Oh... dear....


California Winters are colder on my spine
Than on any hill or valley; the trees hold autumn's sign
But I rain... Ice and Snow
There's no need to tell me, dear, because I just know

(Verse 2)

I can smell it fall apart; it's something in the calm
A blizzard that would never fall... It's Leonard Cohen's Psalm
And it's dry... but I'm drowning, on the bedroom floor
And it's... just a fracture more; and I'm forced to implore
My Dear



Listen can you hear the whistle wail?
I'm standing on the ties between the rails;
Just make it quick...
I don't want to hear my bones echo and click, in the crash
As my bottle hits the waves below the bridge, with a splash you could dream

(Verse 3)

The midnight train through Valley springs has passed and I'm alive
I'm not quite sure if that's a win, or if I've been deprived
I just don't... want to feel at all; can I just fade?
Because I... have thrice been sore betrayed; I lay in the bed we've made
My Dear

Track Name: Hair of the Dog
(Verse 1)

Sunrise today seems like it needs a good cardigan
To keep it's icy circle warm
My head pounds and my thoughts trip on you again
My mind was washed away in the storm
The one we made
Tremble and shake
All of the trees
I'm sitting buried in leaves
Each tear we ripped
Was one we fixed
But girls you please
Were buried in your pet peeves

Tell me, where are you now?
Did you get out of this grief somehow?
Some girl sleeping in your kiss... and your bed
While I'm nursing the dog's bite from last night
Hair of the Dog

(Verse 2)

The aftertaste of the damn alcohol
Drums a rhythm in the depths of my ears
I'd like to give my mind a good overhaul
But the transmission's been rusting for years
Were all my joys
Just your old toys
In attic-stored?
Your rhino heart left mine gored
Not satisfied
With tears you've cried
Or the drink I've poured
My dear, did you just get bored?